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Which books do you like to read?

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What did you learn from our Roman Solider visit?

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What did the Romans do for us?

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We have been having quite a debate about the most important parts of the Romans’ legacy.

Here are our diamond nine ideas.


Soundwaves and Pitch

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How to make an elastic band harmonica.
  • Take one of your craft sticks and put an elastic band around it (length ways)
  • Cut the straw into 2 pieces so that they are the width of the craft stick.
  • Put the straws under the elastic band, one at either end.
  • Put the other craft stick on top and use the loom bands to keep everything in place by wrapping them around each end.


We have been learning about what made the Roman army so successful.

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Can you explain the purpose of each formation?


Roman Soldiers

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We have been drawing roman soldiers this afternoon.

Can you name their pieces of Armour?



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Today we made string telephones.
What did you learn about sound?
How do real telephones work?



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We have began reading a story about the city of Pomepeii.

What do you predict will happen next?


Exploring Circuits

November 22nd, 2018 · 4 Comments · Uncategorized

What do you need for an electrical circuit to work?



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Can you estimate a minute?